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  • A day of matrimony long overdue

  • When Amanda and I first met Gary and Paul, we immediately felt connected to them. These are two of the sweetest, most loving men we had ever encountered. They reminded us of long-lost favorite uncles. Originally from Florida, Paul and Gary moved to Reno several years ago to enjoy a higher, dryer retirement than [...]
  • An engaging day in the park

  • Engagement sessions are always a joy. As this is not the big wedding day, the couple tends to be relaxed and ready to play! The time together with the happy couple lets me get to know the individuals I will be spending time with on the day of matrimony. More importantly, it builds their trust in me and my lovely assis[...]
  • Backyard wedding, carnival style

  •   I've had the privilege of shooting a few backyard weddings, but none as creative (or as fun!) as Cecilia and Austin's carnival-themed, steampunk cavalcade. The couple met at Burning Man, bought a house together, had two children, and finally decided it was time to get married. The ceremony and reception u[...]