An engaging day in the park

Engagement sessions are always a joy. As this is not the big wedding day, the couple tends to be relaxed and ready to play!
bradhornweddings_rachelandjason_engagement3The time together with the happy couple lets me get to know the individuals I will be spending time with on the day of matrimony. More importantly, it builds their trust in me and my lovely assistant, Amanda.

Choosing a location that suits the couple’s personalities is the key to a successful engagement session. Recently, we took Rachel and Jason out for a day in the park.

bradhornweddings_rachelandjason_engagement1These two love the outdoors. They rock climb, run, bike and hike, so sitting pretty indoors was not an option.

bradhornweddings_rachelandjason_engagement5Amanda and I were blown away by Rachel and Jason’s bicycle collection. We even got to test one out, a custom piece where the back end juts out from the front when you ride, creating a sideways spectacle. No pics to show of that, but we did capture a few precious images of Rachel and Jason happily riding their tandem bike to the park.

bradhornweddings_rachelandjason_engagement2As you can imagine, a couple who loves to be outdoors as much as these two must have some four-legged companions as part of the family. Capturing the canine love was a must!

bradhornweddings_rachelandjason_engagement6Engagement sessions like Rachel and Jason’s don’t feel like work at all. The afternoon had the ease of hanging out with friends, just being, and I had the privilege to capture it with my camera. How blessed am I! Looking forward to the wedding.